This is a selection of works made in 2017-2018. I am very interested in materials and colours and like to mix them in all sorts of ways. Many of my works have both alien and human characteristics in them. During my working process, the sculptures get human characteristics and qualities assigned to them. The works can give associations to ancient objects and one might feel, that they belong to another world.

A converaArt sculpture

A conversation, sculpture 2018

I have used readymades as a relatable layer in many of my works. For instance this can be seen in my work “A conversation” where two creatural figures are placed on two different chairs. I like the contrast between the more well-known readymades and the organic and colourful figures.

What are you hiding - art sculpture by Isabella Sajin-Henningsen

What are you hiding?, sculpture 2018

Hercules, sculpture 2018

Growing - art sculpture by Isabella Sajin-Henningsen

Growing, sculpture 2018

Stone tales - art sculpture by Isabella Sajin-Henningsen

Stone tales, sculpture 2018

Dream Catcher - art object

Dream Catcher, hanging object 2017